The offical Site
"Only site authorised by Hans Hoelzel" is what they call themselves.

Falcolist Network by Patrick Melis
Home of the one and only Falco Mailinglist! You'll find out lots about the online fan community here. by "Der Macher" Andreas
Formerly Falco-Homebase - raises the claim to become the biggest Falcoarchive in the net - ähäm.

Falco Infernal 
Markus, Infernal ist back.

In Memoriam Falco

The Falco Titanic Homepage by David Hookham
With Scans of the Infernal Newsletter from the early 90es!

Falco - the One and Only by Andreas Kalenda
Pretty good lyrics

Komissar 2000 by Tony Adamson
Great Desktop Themes, Skins and Midis

Cyberfalco by Tony Postigo

In spanish and english - Wallpapers, Cursors, Sounds and much more

FalcoFanatics Yahoo Group
Yahoo Group for english speaking Fans

Falco Trading-Club

The Immortal by Arno
If you like to swap vynils, CD's ect. about Falco, or searching for bootlegs - this ist your site ;)

Jeannys World by Arno
All about Jeanny

Charisma Kommando by Marlies Kechlo
With Webgalerie from online Falco-fans.

Thomas' Numberger Falco site 

Bibianes Falco-Homepage

Falco Italian Homepage
Italian/english page with Falco Search Engine.

Falco 4:20 by Christian Wilde

Falco Interaktiv by Markus von Bueren

Jeanny's HP by Madeleine

Falco Egoist Seite by Nicole Peitz

Stefan Terlers Falco & Bowie Seite

Falcomania - the czech Homepage

Die Falco-page by Danielle

Conny de Beauclairs site with Falco part
Many cool celeb-photos, some Falco-goodys :)

Falco Fanclub from Berlin

Austrian Rock Singer Falco, by Scott Szelazny
The best and detailed discography online :)

Falcos site on the page of his record company

Rodneys Home Page with Falco part

Falco info from "Starmag"

Falco Seite by Jamey Sadownick
Some articles and interviews...

Falco 4 Ever by Bernhard Bemerl 

Falco rides again 

Falco for President 


FMA at the Theater des Westens

F@lco - A Cybershow

Other Falco belated pages:

Michael Patrick Simoner - MPS 
'Biography' and current tourdates from the (almost) perfect Falco double

Schule für Dichtung 

Milan Polak 
Falcos last guitarist

Thomas Rabitsch 

Under Construction German Version