When you click the size you need, it opens a new window.
There you can save it with the rightclick

Made by Clarissa:
|| 640x480 || 800x600 || 1024x768 ||


 Made by ? mail me
|| 800x600 || 1024x768 ||


 Made by ? mail me
 || 800x600 || 1024x768 ||


|| 800x600 || 1024x768 ||


 This one looks pretty cool when used as "tiles". This is the original size, so just right-click and set as background. In my opinion, it looks best when you set the "appearance" colour (i.e. what appears around the text of your icons) to match the colour of Hans' shirt!
Idea by Clarissa



Wanna have Hans staring at you all day long? Pretty therapeutic if you ask me! Also use as "tiles" obviously.
Idea by Clarissa 



 You can use this as Start-up or as Shut-down Screen. Start-up: The .zip file behind the pic contains a logo.sys file, which goes straight into your root (C:\) directory. Do back up the original file if you want to keep it. To use as shut-down, rename to "logow.sys" and put into the C:\Windows directory. Beware: if your Explorer is set to "hide system files", you won't be able to see the file at all! You can change that under View/Options!
Made by Clarissa



There are EQ or PL skins I'm afraid.
Contains instruction as well
- made by Clarissa



With animation.
Contains instruction too
- Made by Clarissa



Windows Start: "Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening"
Shut-down: "Do geht glei's Licht aus, "
Exclamation: "Alles Kacke"
Default Sounds: "Cha" (aus dem Kommissar)
made by Clarissa

If you like to have other sounds take a look atsounds pagemany you can use as windows sounds!!

Under Construction German Version