Push Push
Music & lyrics: Voyce, add'l lyrics: Falco. Published by X-cellent Music Edition / Georg Glueck Musik / Sony / ATV

If wishes were horses,
Beggars might ride...

Come, take a ride
Or slip and slide
To sit astride and glide and... Push! Push!
Please pull the strings
Bees use their stings
Birds spread their wings and some things... Push! Push!

A puss that purrs
By settin' spurs
Is this his or hers what stirs? Now: Push! Push!
Unlock the sluice
Bring up the juice
Just let it loose, produce 'n'... Push! Push!

Push! Push! Push! Just a little
Push! Push! Push! A little further
Push! Push! Push! Just a little bit
Push! Push! Push! A little bit mooooore!

Ooh what a blow!
Yeah what a show!
Hey, one more throw... let's go now! Push! Push!
Another shot
We hit the spot
Oh that was hot, a lot, now: Push! Push!

From stick or stone
To the prick and bone
I'm lyin prone, I'm n'n'not alone... Push! Push!
With a whip and chain
There's pleasure and pain
And no venture, no gain... again now: Push! Push!

Our fathers who art from heaven
When kings have come, thy will be done
Forgive this day - our daily bread... give head!

Where are you now? (Jeanny part 3)